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Atami Bloombastic 100ml

Atami Bloombastic 100ml


Atami Bloombastic Flowering Nutrient:

Bloombastic is a high-quality cocktail made of mineral and organic additives with a vegetable origin that is suitable for the last flowering and ripening phase (4-6 weeks) of the plant. Atami Bloombastic Flowering Nutrient increases the sugar content of your crop and therefore the weight and the smell. By means of an explosion of sugar and flower production Bloombastic provides thick, dense, sweet-smelling flowers.

Compared with other liquid flowering products, Bloombastic contains over 50% more bio-minerals (phosphorus and potassium) for which absolutely no ballast substances have been used (sodium and chlorine). Bloombastic also has an enzymatic influence in several areas, and therefore has a stress-preventing and recovering influence on the plant.

The combination of these features allows Bloombastic to replace various other products. Combining Bloombastic with (another) PK nutrient is not only unnecessary, but potentially risky, due to the risk of over fertilizing. Using Bloombastic together with e.g. B’cuzz Bloom Stimulator is a great way for growers further to exaggerate the flowering-phase stimulating effect. You can perfectly combine it with basic nutrients as well. It’s important to pay attention to the EC value of your nutrient solution.

This universal nutrient is suitable for many crops like different kinds of vegetables and fruits like chili peppers, strawberries, blueberries. It can also be used for flowering ornamental plants (e.g. Orchids, Violets). Experienced growers can measure the required dosage per plant, based on the NPK-values.


Apply in the last 4 to 6 weeks of flowering and ripening in combination with the basic nutrition. ATA Bloombastic can be used on any substrate (Soil, Hydro and Coco) and is suitable for all irrigation systems.


0.5 – 1.0ml per 1 liter of nutrient solution. Increases the E.C. value in your basic nutrient solution.


P: 59 g/kg

K: 121g/kg

Fe: 990mg/kg

Low Chlorine

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