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Garland Standard Tray

Garland Standard Tray


Garland Standard Garden Tray – The smallest in Garland’s range of tough injection molded garden trays. An ideal water reservoir tray for pots and seed trays.

9 Liter internal capacity, made from recycled polypropylene.

Size: 57cm Long x 38.5cm Wide x 5cm High (External)


A Garland Standard Garden Tray can come in handy for a number of uses, including:

  • Microgreen cultivation
  • Decompressing small coco coir bricks
  • Mixing small amounts of custom substrates and additives together
  • Can be used as a bin when trimming plants, especially in a grow tent, where space may be limited
  • Use as watering tray with an Easy2Go self-watering kit
  • Can be used to catch runoff when flushing or watering potted plants
  • Can be used to water seedling trays from underneath, so that newly germinated seedlings don’t get pushed over by water from above

Garland garden trays are also available in various larger sizes:

  • 1.2 Meter Square Tray
  • 1 M Square Tray
  • 80 cm Square Tray
  • 60 cm Square Tray
  • Rectangle Tray (100cm Long, 40cm Wide, 5cm High)
  • Giant Plus Tray 1.2m x 55cm x 5cm
  • Titan Tray (Dimensions, external (lip included): 100cm Long, 55cm Wide, 15cm High)

Although the trays can be used for many reason, they are most commonly used as drip/catchment trays or hydroponic grow beds (filled with clay balls) when gardening is concerned.

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