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The AirDome is the perfect accessory to gardeners of all abilities. It has been designed to increase the amount of air around the root zone in plant pot

If you are lucky enough to have power in your greenhouse or tunnel this little addition can increase yields by up to 130%. It is very simple to use once assembled, which will take less than 30 seconds. The AirDome is placed at the bottom of the pot, covered with compost and then connected to an air pump. Oxygen is then supplied directly to the plants’ root zone, improving crop development and ensuring maximum growth.

It is very easy to use. The AirDome is placed at the bottom of the pot, covered with the substrate of choice and then connected to an air pump.

To maximise the effectiveness of the AirDome use a fluffy mix  such as a mixture of 50% good Coco Peat and 50% Perlite.

Provide the plants with additional oxygen to boost growth significantly and increase yields.

To increase levels  of oxygen for smaller plant at times when the medium seems to stay wet.

With all growing conditions  being correct the Air Dome has been proven to increase yields by up to 130%

The AirDome should only be switched on during the daylight periods. Always ensure that warm air is blown in and around the root zone. Temperatures between 18 and 22 degrees are ideal. Temperature below and above 5 degrees and 30 degrees will potentially damage the roots.

Raise your air pump higher than the AirDome(s) to prevent water from siphoning back when the pump is off or use a non-return valve.

Use a timer to turn the pump on and off when the air temperature is warm and before it gets too cool.

Many AirDomes can be linked together using 5mm connections, or for larger AirDome setups, use 12mm pipe as the supply line, reducing the pipe at each AirDome point with the AutoPot 12mm to5mm Cross Connectors.

Air Dome Instructions(PDF)

Airdome Information Video Autopot

AutoPot Brochure

Replacement Blue Bubble Pipe consists of 4 x 5.2cm Strips which will replace inside Blue Bubble Pipe for 1 AirDome

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