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Autopot 47L Water Tank

Autopot 47L Water Tank


The Autopot 47L Water Tank is a solid water tank of high quality and is a cost effective water storage solution. The sturdy and reliable Autopot 47L Water Tank are ideal for gardeners who have smaller systems or gardeners who are able to grow free from the need for more portable, pack-away equipment.

Please Note:

All Autopot 47L Water Tanks now have a pre-drilled 12.5mm supply line hole, for use with the new Autopot Aquavalve 5.

It is important that you select the correct size of water tank for the system you have. Doing so ensures your plants are properly watered during the extended periods in which an AutoPot System may be left unattended.

Dimensions: 615mm (H) x 375mm (W – at lid) x 300mm (W – at base)

It is recommended to raise your tank to a minimum of 150mm above the highest AQUAvalve, although having the tank at the same height as the valves is also fine for smaller systems (with only a couple of pot sets in the system)

The 47 Litre Tank has sufficient capacity to irrigate (roughly) the following AutoPot Watering Systems:

1 Pot sets – up to 6 x 1 Pot sets

Easy2grow (2 Pot Sets) – up to 4 x Easy2grow sets

1 Pot XL / SmartPot XL – up to 4 x Pot XL / SmartPot XL sets

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