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Autopot FlexiTank Tap

Autopot FlexiTank Tap


An Autopot FlexiTank Tap comes in handy when you are planning or building an Autopot system and would like use a Click Fit Tank Adapter/Filter to run a trunk feeding line to multiple Autopot sets. These taps also serve to replace old, worn-out FlexiTank Taps.

The tap fits through the ready-made holes in both the FlexiTank and FlexiTank Pro ranges and includes 2 rubber washer seals that are hand-tightened to each side of the reservoir with the provided plastic nut. The tap can also be installed into any other suitable water reservoir through which the correct sized hole (26mm) can drilled to fit the tap. Hard plastic industrial drums are often use as water reservoirs when building hydroponic systems. When considering such a container, make sure that the plastic will not let sunlight through its walls. If sunlight penetrates into the nutrient solution, algae will start growing inside of it, causing nutrient depletion and Oxygen loss in the solution.

The outlet side of the Autopot FlexiTank Tap is threaded and fitted with a 26.5mm click connector, to which a Click Fit Tank Adapter/Filter can be fitted. Autopot piping (16mm) or irrigation piping (12mm) can then be connected to feed the Autopots in the system.


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