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Autopot Piping

Autopot Piping


Autopot Piping comes in various thicknesses and is made from soft PVC, which is slightly softer and more pliable than agricultural LDPE or PVC irrigation pipe. The elasticity of the Autopot piping molds snugly around pipe fittings when attached, providing a leak-proof seal when used in low and no pressure applications, like Autopot’s gravity fed self watering systems. Fittings can also be removed from the this type of piping quite easily, allowing for easy deconstruction or changes in system layout.

We especially recommend using Autopot piping to connect your Autopot Aquavalves because of the soft fit.

Below is a table of the approximate inner diameter and outer diameter measurements of the various types of Autopot Piping that is available:

General NameInner DiameterOuter DiameterCompatible Fittings
6 mm4.2 mm6.3 mm“5 or 6 mm” Fittings, 6 mm Top Hat Grommets*, Older Aquavalve systems
9 mm6.5 mm9 mm“9 mm” Fittings (Used with the new Aquavalve 5 and Aquavalve 5 systems)
16 mm12.5 mm18.5 mm“12 mm” Fittings & 16 mm Top Hat Grommets*. Used for trunk lines in multi-pot systems.

* Correct hole size must be drilled to house Top Hat Grommet.

All are sold per meter.

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