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CAN-Lite 300 PL Carbon Filter

CAN-Lite 300 PL Carbon Filter


The CAN-Lite 300 PL Carbon Filter weighs in at only 1.8 kg, making it very easy to hang from rope ratchets. With a length of 45 cm, this little filter can be used in smaller grow spaces. Filled to the brim with 1.2 kg of activated carbon using vibration plates during manufacture, your air will be filtered to perfection. The removable pre-filter can be hand-rinsed when necessary and the filter is also refillable.

The filter is able to purify up to 300 m³/hr. ( It can be matched up with a fan with a maximum capacity of 330 m³/hr, as there is generally an air-flow loss of around 20% when a filter is added into the extraction setup. )

Calculate your needs and read more here.

PLEASE NOTE: The CAN-Lite 300 PL Carbon Filter can be fitted with either a 100mm OR  a 125mm Flange ( SOLD SEPARATELY! ) … don’t forget to add a flange to your cart with your purchase !

Carbon Filters will not work in spaces with a Relative Humidity of 85% or higher.
Filter    CAN-Lite 300PL
Material    Plastic
Carbon    Lite
Length    45 cm
Weight    1.8 kg
Weight Carbon    1.2 kg
Diameter    14.5 cm
Carbon Bed    2.5 cm
Capacity Technical    330 m³
Capacity Practical    300 m³
Flange    100 mm/125mm (not included, reuseable)

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