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CHIKAMASA B-500SKF Antibacterial Pruners

CHIKAMASA B-500SKF Antibacterial Pruners


Chikamasa B-500SKF Antibacterial Pruning Shears are professional-grade garden trimmers that provide ergonomic comfort and surgically precise cuts that will make short work of trimming and pruning. Popular among hydroponics and indoor gardeners working with high-value crops, these Japanese made shears incorporate detailed design features such as rounded blade tips and a non-stick fluorine coating over the stainless steel blades. Light-weight and razor-sharp, Chikamasa pruning scissors are an excellent choice for jobs that require precision hand pruning and trimming.

Equipped with lab tested antibacterial coating, Chikamasa B-500SKF Antibacterial Pruning Shears will prevent the spread of 90% of germs and bacteria including E. Coli and Staphylococcus Aureus. The B500SKF is the obvious choice for regulated manicuring of plants or pruning soft or smaller shoots and will greatly reduce the chance of cross-plant contamination. This also makes them a great choice when cutting clones from mother plants. ( This refers to the 1st clone cut that separates the cutting from the mother plant. The final clone cut should ideally be done with a sterile scalpel because this would create the cleanest cut possible )

No-stick, razor-sharp stainless steel blades and ergonomically designed resin handle.
Excellent for detailed pruning, refined trimming, and high-quality cutting.

Chikamasa applies a non-toxic oil upon packaging to prevent rust/sticking blades after manufacture, which can be wiped off before first use. Grape seed oil or olive oil works really well when cleaning and storing your pruning shears after use.

Pruning scissors come in handy when cultivating prized plants and are ideal for fine pruning, where regular garden pruners are just too large and clumsy. These small types of shears are also frequently used when trimming dried Cannabis. The Chikamasa pruners’ ergonomic design will reduce hand fatigue over time when trimming larger volumes and the non-stick coating will help prevent sticky blades.

Chikamasa B-500SKF Pruning Shears Dimensions:

Length: 155mm
Width: 82mm
Cutting Edge Length: 35mm
Weight: 42

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