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CHIKAMASA PST-8 Pruning Shears

CHIKAMASA PST-8 Pruning Shears


Chikamasa PST-8 General Purpose Pruners have a thicker width of cut than finer shears and trimmers, making it a wonderful tool to have when trimming off larger stems and stalks in your indoor garden. These are also great for general pruning in an ornamental garden or homestead. Die-cast aluminium makes the pruner handles tough and strong.

This pruners’ high quality carbon steel blades makes sharp, clean cuts and the reinforcing rib is close to the rivet to provide enhanced cutting strength and the rubber coated steel plate grip and soft coil spring makes them easy to handle.

Blade length: 45mm, total length: 19cm.

Doing regular pruning of indoor and outdoor plants provide better branching structures over time, which will allow for more even flowering platforms when growing indoors and will create better looking, more manageable ornamental features in your residential garden.

When pruning ornamentally in your garden, apply the tips below:

Always cut out dead and crossing branches first
Then look for branches that have to be cut back because they are getting in the way of bedding edges, walkways, or other plants.
Trees and shrubs can often be hollowed out from their centers, allowing in more light to plants down below and allowing them to grow to an even more impressive size more quickly.
Get an idea of what you would like the plant to look like once trimmed, before staring to shape it and step back and review your progress from many angles at a distance during your progress.
Also cut branches back to the originating trunk. Only leave half branches if you would like them to bush out there later on. In these cases, at least cut the branch back to a node.
Chikamasa PST-8 General Purpose Pruners are made in Sakai, Japan, by Chikamasa CO., Ltd,  – making world renowned pruning shears and scissors for 105 years!

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