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Nife- wax tool

Nife- wax tool

R795.00 Regular Price
R675.75Sale Price

Nife- wax dab tool

If you are wax or concentrate user, then you'll definitely need a dab tool!
Compare with the regular stainless steel dab tool, the electronic heating dab tool is smarter and easier to operate.
The hot knife is with quick cut or dab the wax, fast loading to the wax tank and more importantly for wax saving and easy cleaning.

Product Description



Nife - Electronic wax dab tool knife heater


Medical Ceramic


cut and melt the wax for easy dabbing and loading when use wax vaporizers or dab erig.


φ 12*96mm



Battery    Capacity

350mAh rechargeable battery, type-C charging port


15 seconds preheat, white light-2.8V, blue light -3.6V

  • Product Usage


    Product Usage
    Dab easily

    1. Turn on the battery with 5 clicks

    2. Remove the hot knife cover

    3. Use blue light mode -2.4V or preheat mode
    4. Melt - Cut - Dab -Load
    1. Do not touch the hot knife top when hot
    2.Cover the clear top back immediately after use


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