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Delta Slim 510 Thread 350mAh Battery

Delta Slim 510 Thread 350mAh Battery

R350.00 Regular Price
R297.50Sale Price

Delta Slim Battery Vape Pen is a 350 mAh adjustable temperature vaporizer battery that heats when the button is pressed. Folar slim VV battery with oval button, 3 voltage of 2.7V, 3.1V 3.6V, and voltage control can be customized.

PEN STYLE BATTERY | The Twist VV vape pen battery features an adjustable temperature by press the bottom 2 times to select a voltage level of 3 voltage 2.7V 3.1V 3.6V.

COLORFUL | This battery has matt metal finish. Special color can be customized and different finish as options.

510 THREAD | Compatible with all 510 thread cartridges, and is intended for pre-filled oil, extract, and essential oil cartridges.

BATTERY POWER | This is a 350 mAh device that operates with voltage level of 2.7V 3.1V 3.6V, The battery will shut off after 15 seconds of heating. Click the button twice to activate preheat mode; the battery will heat for 10 seconds without holding down the button.

TYPE C FAST CHARGING| Fast charging of 30 minutes and Short circuit and overcharge protection circuit.


  • Notice: The small button led flashing in red three means short circuit inside. The small button led flashing in red ten means low battery. It needs to be charged.
  • The small button led keeps lighting on in red when the device is charging. The led will be off when fully charged. The device will stop working while it’s charing. Fully charged for first time use is adviced.


Please abide to this safe booklet too before using.
Do not disassemble or re-change the products to avoid fire disaster and troubles.
Do not put the product in the car, or charge it in the car.
Do not use wire or any other metal item to connect the charging port to avoid short-circuit.



Manual Button Activated
3 Voltage 2.7V 3.1V 3.6V
510 Thread Connection
350mAh High Quality Battery
Short Circuit And Overcharge Protection
Type C Charger Port
30minutes Charger Time

CBD & Concentrate

1*Twist Delta Slim Battery

  • Tech Details



    Battery Capacity



    15seconds preheating


    2.7V 3.1V 3.6V

    Charger Port


    Charger Time


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