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EazyPlug Eazy Pyramid

EazyPlug Eazy Pyramid


Stronger, healthier plants in less time
The EazyPlug Pyramid is an amazing new development for the horticultural sector.  Its optimized growing volume, equivalent to 13,5 ltr (3 gal), is enough for a whole crop cycle. It is also enhancing all of the unsurpassed characteristics of the Eazy Plug. Like predetermined and buffered pH and EC values, or the completely self regulating air-to-water ratio. You could truly say that the Eazy Pyramid is the next evolution in organic growing.


Dense root structure caused by air pruning
EazyPlug Pyramid is bonded firmly to be used without a plastic wrapping. This way roots will stop growing when meeting air at the outside of the block. As a result the roots will start growing new root branches inside the block, seriously increasing the number of absorbing rootlets in the block and creating a much more dense rooting system. It is called the air pruning effect. This way the absorption capability of the root structure is maximized for the best possible intake of nutrients and fluids.

Limitless shelf life
The EazyPlug Pyramid is supplied dried, making it clean and lightweight, with limitless shelf life and no risk of molds. A dry EazyPlug Pyramid takes water back up very easily and quickly, retaining all of its former characteristics. So altogether easy to use.

Fast and healthy plant development
As a result the effective root surface area of your plant will be much bigger, and with it the uptake of water with the beneficial nutrients you are adding. Your plant will grow faster, will be healthier and produce higher yields than in any other available growing medium.

EazyPlug Pyramid characteristics
Model : Pyramid, Regular
Weight dried : 0.5 kg
Size moist: 25 x 25 x 15 cm
Air-to-water ratio : 20-80
Volume : 4.5 L
EC : 1.0 *
pH : 5.8 *

Model : Pyramid, Short Cycle
Weight dried : 0.12 kg
Size moist: 12 x 12 x 10 cm
Air-to-water ratio : 20-80
Volume : 1.4 L
EC : 1.0 *
pH : 5.8 *

• Self regulating
• Easy to control
• Air pruning for substantial enlargement hair root mass
• Suitable for gradual drier cultivation

Eazyplug Pyramid’s are Sold Individually

With all known growing media, like Rock Wool, coir pith, black and white
peat, garden soil, potting soil, soil-less mixes, bark fines and wood
mulch, sand and grit, wood fibers, perlite, pumice, clay and

Hydroponic systems like eb & flow, drip-feed (recovery and non-recovery),
nutrient film technique, wick systems, floating platforms,
deep water culture, aquaponic systems, dry hydroponics,
soil (indoor and outdoor)

Re-moistening time when completely dehydrated
Pouring from above < 2 minutes
Immerge < 2 minutes
Drip-feed – depends on ratio
Watering from below < 60 minutes

The REGULAR SIZED Eazy Pyamid is reusable. Just sterilize and reuse

100% in normal composting conditions, no industrial composting
Declared: bonding of components has no discernible effect on

Declared: material meets safety requirements of REACH.

Declared: non-toxic.

Recycling after cultivation
The pyramid does not contain any plant residue with regenerative
capacity and can be recycled by:

Using as soil improvement
Adding composting initiator and pack as compost bags
Re-usage after steam-clean or microwave-clean

Cultivation details
For air pruning effect, usage of the pyramid without sleeve is strongly
advised. In such case photosynthetic algae like green algae can occur.
This does not effect plant life and is only an optical issue. Green algae
can be easily treated with fungicides and/or a light copper solution.

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