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Filter 5mm

Filter 5mm


Filter 5mm to be fitted to outlet pipe from reservoir to filter water. Will fit 5mm (O.D.) pipe. For use with Autopot pot sets and system that use the original Aquavalve with its 3mm (I.D.) inlet. The new Aquavalve 5 has a 5mm (I.D.) inlet and uses 9mm (O.D) Autopot piping and 9mm (O.D piping) Filters.

The Filter 5mm should be used with the 30 ltr & 47 ltr tanks. It is simply inserted inside the tank once the 5mm pipe is pushed through the 6mm Top Hat Grommet at the bottom of the tank. It can be easily serviced and will float to the top if it comes detached from the tube, this will not happen if you make sure you have pushed the filter firmly into the tube.

The sponge in side  filter is designed to trap any particles that would clog up your system. Simply clean out sponge every 4 weeks.

AutoPot are specialists in self-watering systems, with emphasis being strongly placed on efficiency and preservation. AutoPot delivers products that are considered the most environmentally friendly watering systems in the world to both domestic, hydroponic and commercial markets. Our systems ensure this claim as the plant uses everything that is supplied to it; there is no loss of water, run-off or leakage!

For older Systems (Blue OR Black Aquavalve) using 5mm and 12-5mm fittings.

All AutoPot products require NO POWER, PUMPS, MAINS WATER PRESSURE OR TIMERS to operate, GRAVITY PRESSURE IS ALL THAT’S NEEDED from a tank or water barrel.

The systems are undoubtedly some of the simplest to use and can be left unattended for weeks due to the capability of the AQUAvalve to deliver all that is required by the plant. AutoPot is now an international market leader in irrigation and hydroponic systems, with an established global reputation for providing durable, environmentally friendly and innovative watering solutions to a range of growing scenarios.

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