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Garden HighPro ProHanger XL

Garden HighPro ProHanger XL


Garden HighPro ProHanger XL rope ratchets have extra large carabiner clips, to make it easier to attach them to cumbersome items and 16mm grow tent poles, that are difficult to do when using a regular set of ratchets.

Garden HighPro ProHanger XL ratchets are strong and have ultra resistant pulleys. Ideal to hang heavier carbon filters and grow lights. These ratchet sets feature 100% galvanized iron carabiner clips and the hanging rope is made from 25% cotton and 75% polyester.

Fixing pulleys up to 68kg capacity per set.

1.5m rope length.

Sold in sets of 2 ratchets hangers per pack.

We’ve recently received a lots of great new gear from Garden HighPro and also stock their Prohanger Regular Ratchets, LightHangers and ProCufs. Having various types of ratchet hangers around is great, as they always come in handy when you are making changes to your grow area or when you are adding new items to it!

How to use a rope ratchet…. click

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