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Garden Highpro Small ProPots-No Handles 1,5 litre

Garden Highpro Small ProPots-No Handles 1,5 litre


Garden HighPro Smaller Propots are available in the following sizes:

1.5 liter
4 liter
7 liter
11 liter
These active fabric pots are very strong and reusable.
Pots have square bases to optimize your growing space.
Ideal for indoor and outdoor growing.
These fabric pots promote soil aeration and air-pruning and also allow the substrate to dry out quicker than in plastic pots. Remember – if your soil is still moist, you can’t feed your plants yet !

Although these Garden HighPro Smaller Propots have square bases, they tent to take on a round shape when filled with substrate, just like other fabric pots. Below are the approximate measured heights and top diameters of these pots:

Volume    Height    Top Diameter
1.5 liter    21 cm    14 cm
4 liter    20 cm    18 cm
7 liter    23 cm    22 cm
11 liter    25 cm    28 cm

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