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Mega Solution

Mega Solution

R175.00 Regular Price
R148.75Sale Price

MEGA solution contains all the nutrients your cannabis plants need to flourish through vegetative stage
and flowering. Mix the contents of the three bottles to the instructions displayed on the bottle.
We do recommend using MEGA solution in conjunction with CannaPro Silicon and Amino Boost for
improved terpene production and improve stress and pest resistance.
Water down to desired EC and adjust pH accordingly.
MEGA Solution is a prescription blend produced by CannaPro.
MEGA Solutions consists of 3 bottles, green, red, and purple.

Broad description of the components:

Green – The bulk of the nitrogen required by the plants are formulated in the green
component. A lesser amount of micro nutrients is also in the green component. It is
recommended to reduce the amount of green in the flower stage.
Red – Main components are potassium, and phosphates. The bulk of the micro
nutrients in also contained in red component.
Purple – The main ingredients are Magnesium components and a lesser amount of potassium.


Macros: NPK 1-12-12.
Micros: Fe, Zn, B, Mn, Cu, Mo, Chelated.



Macros: NPK 24-0-1, Ca, Mg.
Micros: Fe, Zn, B, Mn, Cu, Mo, Chelated.
Macros: NPK 0-0-35, Mg, S.
Micros: None.

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