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Neem Naturals Emulsified neem oil

Neem Naturals Emulsified neem oil


Neem Naturals Emulsified Cold pressed Neem oil


Multipurpose (pets ,skin, hair)


Neem Naturals is Pure Neem concentrate which is diluted at a 5ml to a liter of water making it a very cost friendly essential for every gardener. Neem oil has a dual purpose in the vegetable garden as both a pesticide and a fungicide. It works on arthropod pests that often eat your vegetables. It is safe for our Beneficial's like Bees and earthworms , And has no downtime for edible Crops Just wash and eat :) Our Product is cold pressed and contains Azadirachtin 3000-3500ppm which is the highest compared to a heat pressed or alcohol solvent method , giving you the purest form of NeemOil and its efficacy.


Easy to use (JUST ADD WATER)  natural pesticide/insecticide/fungicide. It treats and deters most common garden pest. It is eco friendly and safe for pets. Just wash and eat your harvest. No down Time

Best sprayed in the evening as a foliar spray and soil drench. If used in combination with Neem Pellets/Compost it provides full protect and also builds the immunity of the plant while enriching your soil.

Ratio: 5ml to a litre of water. 

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