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Plant!t Aeros System 1

Plant!t Aeros System 1


lant!t Aeros System 1
The plant is supported in a net pot filled with a growing medium such as clay pebbles and the roots are submerged in a highly oxygenated nutrient/water solution. The system includes a single outlet air pump and a submersible airstone to provide a large amount of oxygen to the roots, resulting in rapid growth.

The bubbles produced by the airstone keep the nutrient/water solution constantly moving and oxygen-rich so that the roots stay healthy.

It is important to closely monitor EC and pH levels to gain optimum results. Simply remove the inspection port cover and take a pH/EC reading.


Flexible: plants can be moved around as each PLANT!T Aeros is a standalone system.

Easy to monitor, just remove the inspection port cover to check pH/EC readings.

Available in 1 pot and 4 pot systems.


W 357mm x D 353mm x H 303mm.

Note: Maximum volume 15L and working volume 12L.

If using a pump with this system, the air pump should be positioned above the water level.

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