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PLANT!T pH Meter

PLANT!T pH Meter


The PLANTiT pH meter is reliable and easy to use. Small and lightweight, it is ideal for any grow-room. The PLANTiT pH meter is specially designed for testing the pH level of nutrient solutions. Just dip the sensor into test solution, stir and wait, then read a stable reading in about 20 seconds.

Ensure that your nutrient has the correct pH so that all the nutrition is available to your plants. Ideal pH range is between 5.8-6.5 (always check nutrient instruction for the optimum pH).

The energy saving feature shuts off the tester when it is not in use. The unit also displays a low battery symbol to warn you before it degrades the accuracy of important readings. It has digital calibration at the push of a button.

The PLANTiT pH meter features:

The LCD dual display shows pH and temperature readings
Calibration is easy with a one touch auto calibration and can give up to a 3 point calibration (pH4, pH7 & pH10)
The meter is water resistant
20mins auto power off
Data hold function
Battery low indicator
Temperature unit selection
Cap to keep sensor moist
Batteries included
pH electrodes are like batteries; they run down with time and use. As an electrode ages, its glass changes resistance. This resistance change alters the electrode potential. For this reason, electrodes need to be calibrated on a regular basis.

Calibration Solutions and screw driver to open up to insert batteries are not included.

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