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Plastic Filter Flange 130mm

Plastic Filter Flange 130mm


The Can-Lite PL Range Carbon Filter Flange twists onto the lightweight Can-Lite PL Plastic Carbon Filter range (Filters sold separately). The Can-Lite PL range allows for the flange to twist off for easy maintenance or replacement of the Can-Lite PL Carbon Filters.


There is a slight incompatibly when using these flanges with local ducting supplies – the exact flange measurements are as follows:

“100 mm” Flange: Inner diameter = 100 mm, outer diameter = 106 mm – Although a tight fit, our local 100 mm ducting fits over the flange reasonably easily.

“125 mm” Flange: Inner diameter = 125 mm, outer diameter = 130 mm – This outer diameter is just a bit too large to fit 125 mm ducting over ( We recommend using Aluminium Tape or Duct Tape to connect the ducting to this flange size, instead of trying to get the ducting to fit over the flange and then using a clamp to secure the ducting )

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