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ROOT!T Clear Propagation Lid

ROOT!T Clear Propagation Lid


The Rootit Clear Propagation Lid - 24 creates a humidity dome under which to nurture cuttings until they become rooted clones. This item fits the Rootit Propagator Tray perfectly (not included) which turns this into an enclosed environment for increased humidity and protection from the cold. This Rootit propagator lid has two adjustable vents so that air-exchange and the humidity under it can be controlled.

This item is designed for those with a strict budget in mind. The plastic construction is not particularly thick and is not very rigid. However, with careful use it should get the user through a few rounds of cuttings before they move on to a higher quality item. Please make sure that you get the Root!t Propagator Tray if you require it as a tray is not included.

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