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ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponges 50 Refill Bags

ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponges 50 Refill Bags


Maximise your success rates and grow faster more vigorous roots with the Rootit Natural Rooting Sponges Refill Bag- the latest innovation in propagation.
Not only are they simple to use, they are also easy to pot on. This bag of 50 sponges can be used to refill a tray or used on their own on a bed of perlite or vermiculite. The bag is resealable to help ensure that each ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponge is kept in perfect condition.

The sponges are environmentally friendly and biodegradable whilst also containing micronutrients and beneficial microbes to aid germination. They have superior nutrient absorption and easily maintains a perfect air to water ratio. They also insulate roots better against heat or lack of moisture.

Due to the structure the Root!T Rooting Sponge retains just the right amount of water without causing material compression - ideal for pre-soaking with Root!T First Feed for fantastic rooting. The sponge also has a unique planting hole to grip the cutting and allow for exactly the correct amount of gel to be inserted, or to create micro climate around seed that encourages germination.

ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponges are a breakthrough in organic technology. They are made from a mixture of peat and bark bonded together with plant-derived biodegradable polymers that allow the plug to biodegrade.

The ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponges are specially designed to improve cutting strike rate and encourage faster germination. Each ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponge has two holes - Hole 1 is the perfect depth for most seeds, designed to a specific width to create an ideal humid micro-climate around the seed resulting in faster seed germination. Hole 2 is perfect for gripping cuttings and will hold the cutting firmly in place. We recommend using ROOT!T Rooting Gel for better results; this will create a seal around the cutting preventing it from drying out.


Faster, more vigorous rooting to reduce plant stress
Superior water retention allowing your seeds or cuttings to stay moister for longer
Insulates roots against heat or lack of moisture
Contains micronutrients and beneficial microbes to aid germination
No mess, no fuss - just excellent results

Brand    Rootit
Package Dimensions    25cm x 9cm x 22cm
Weight    720
Quantity    50 pieces

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